Inspired by our Italian heritage, we blissfully prepare our heartcrafted cuisine with obsessive quality and integrity. We celebrate the simplicity of authentic Italian flavors and the incomparable quality of California grown organic ingredients.

We create a heart-centered space for our community to find sense of purpose and belonging, along with opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Eat. Be. Authentic.


Ca’ Momi is centered around living life with integrity and authenticity. Every decision we make in our business honors that principle. We serve the truest of Italian flavors because we want to keep traditions alive. We use the highest quality, organic ingredients because they are the best ingredients to use. We support local and like-minded small businesses, because we believe in supporting our neighbors and community. 

We provide opportunities for professional and personal growth to our family, our employees, because we believe empowering individuals strengthens the whole. We believe that each small decision makes the difference.

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