We are three: Passionate dream makers and truth seekers who love to mindfully eat, drink and celebrate life.

Valentina Guolo-Migotto

(Chef and Chief Evolutionary Officer)

Raised in the Italian region of Veneto, Valentina Guolo-Migotto moved to California in 1997 with an entrepreneurial spirit and in 2006 co-founded Ca’ Momi, a food and wine concept rooted in Italian tradition. Valentina carried a vision for a company culture centered on growth opportunities, mindful leadership, and an insistent search for authentic Italian food, In 2010 Valentina opened the popular Ca’ Momi Enoteca in the Oxbow Public Market with partners Dario De Conti and Stefano Migotto, and fulfilling her vision with Ca’ Momi Osteria in 2015.

Though you will often find her tasting and designing the menu at Ca’ Momi, Valentina insists she does not want the recognition for the food in the kitchen. “I select traditional dishes that honor the past generations’ old recipes,” she explains. “Innovative flavors or fancy plating is not what we are about. Ca’ Momi exists to preserve the culinary traditions and culture of old Italy–I take pride in being a caretaker of the recipes that get lost in translation here and abroad, and in sharing Italian food culture.”

Dario De Conti

(Master Pizzaiolo and Winemaker)

Dario De Conti was raised on his family’s farm in Veneto, Italy. At the age of fourteen, Dario began a 10-year sojourn formally studying enology in school, including obtaining a Masters degree in winemaking. He funded his winemaking studies by making pizza at his family’s pizzeria. It was in these early days that Dario learned the art of pizza making which ignited his passion for pizza. After his wine studies, Dario worked for 8 years in the wine industry collaborating with some of the leading wineries in Italy.

Dario eventually brought both his wine and pizza making skills to Napa Valley, where he partnered with Valentina and Stefano to launch Ca’ Momi in 2006, and Enoteca in 2010. As both winemaker and certified VPN and APN pizzaiolo, Dario has a very hands-on approach. You will often find him in the kitchen, prepping dough for his next pizza masterpiece (with a good wine in hand, of course). 

Stefano Migotto

(Winemaker and Brewmaster)

Born in Abano Terme in northern Italy, Stefano comes from two generations of wine and spirit makers. Stefano was raised in his family’s winery, which he eventually ran. With a degree in enology from Scuola Enologica di Conegliano, and 12 years of winemaking experience, Stefano moved to Napa Valley, and in 2006 he and partners Valentina and Dario, started Ca’ Momi winery.

Stefano can always be found in the winery tirelessly running production, passionately creating blends, and geeking out on wine equipment. Alongside with his commitment to his children, Stefano finds a great sense of peace and accomplishment creating unique wine blends and a quality product for Ca’momi consumers.

jonny bio

Jonny Tindall

Email Address:
Working with Ca’ Momi since: January 2015
Position: Chief Hospitality Officer
Experience/training and time in industry: 30 years of experience, garnering expertise throughout his career and through his studies with CIA Greystone, Court of Master Sommeliers, and Society of Wine Educators.
Greatest Passions for the work you do: Some of Jonny’s passions in the work he does include interpersonal interactions, client relations, music, visual and performance arts, and community outreach.
Fun Fact: His love of music transpires into his everyday connections both professional and personal


Guy Barstad

Email Address:
Working with Ca’ Momi since: March 2017
Position: General Manager
Experience/training and time in industry: 40+ years in the hospitality and restaurant management.
About Guy: Assuredly notorious throughout the Napa & Sonoma Valleys; we are pleased to re-introduce you to our new General Manager, Guy Barstad. Having brought welcome & warmth to the hospitality industry for more than 40 years, you’ll certainly recognize this winning smile.  Welcome to the heatcrafted™ team Guy!

melissa bio

Melissa Townsend

Email Address:
Working with Ca’ Momi since: October 2015
Position: Assistant General Manager
Experience/training and time in industry: 28 years in Hospitality, received AS from Santa Rosa Junior College, almost completed BA in Environmental Science at Sonoma State University
Greatest Passions for the work you do: Melissa provides enthusiasm and excitement towards the restaurant’s organic & sustainable practices.
Fun Fact: Melissa feels she can live by her morals regarding the environment while working in this industry with Ca’ Momi. Her calling in life is people living in tune with nature.

Freddy bio

Fredy Rodriguez

Email Address:
Working with Ca’ Momi since: September 2010
Position: Culinary Director
Experience/training and time in industry: 13 years of industry experience, 6 years with Ca’ Momi of on the job training
Greatest Passions for the work you do: Fredy loves to cook and learn new things in the kitchen. He always enjoys teaching people what he has learned and working as a team.
Fun Fact: Fredy has two daughters who are his world. Everything he does is for his two girls.

yaya bio

Claudia Fragoso

Email Address:
Working with Ca’ Momi since: October 2012
Position: Sous Chef
Experience/training and time in industry: 6 years of on the job training with Ca’ Momi
Greatest Passions for the work you do: Claudia loves cooking. The authenticity and love that is put into every dish at Ca’ Momi Osteria brings joy and happiness to her heart.
Fun Fact: Claudia likes to think that her skills in the kitchen brings joy to people. That thought keeps her going and excited to learn new things.

edgar b

Edgar Briceno

Email Address:
Working with Ca’ Momi since: October 2014
Position: Purchasing Manager
Experience/training and time in industry: 2 years of experience with Ca’ Momi, attended Napa Valley College
Greatest Passions for the work you do: Edgar is passionate about being part of the process of helping Ca’ Momi grow and be it’s best.
Fun Fact: Edgar has always been fascinated by hidden supernatural abilities. He used to be skeptical about these things but met a shaman who invited him to a ceremony. After that night his world was turned upside down and he hopes to one day develop a skill such as Astral Projection, Telepathy, or Reiki with practice.


Fabiola Mondragon

Email Address:
Working with Ca’ Momi since: July 2013
Position: Pasticierre
Experience/training and time in industry: 3 years of experience. Her training has predominately been with Ca’ Momi and on the job training.
Greatest Passions for the work you do: Her biggest passions behind the work she does is her love of making people happy as well as her eagerness to learn new things.
Fun Fact: When she is not at work, you can find Fabi spending time at parks hiking and spending time with her children and family. At work you’ll find Fabi not only making delicious Italian pastries but also singing and dancing.

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