Artist: Jayashri Triolo

Jayashri Triolo is a multidisciplinary artist & designer specializing in large-scale oil paintings. Dancing around
in her studio with paintbrushes, pens, canvases, recycled wood, books and pure inspiration, she creates
unique and meaningful work for a wide range of clients.

She earned her way through school with a fine arts degree from Columbus College of Art & Design by
enlisting herself in the National Guard, working as a graphics arts specialist.

Her recent works are inspired by scared spiritual traditions and universal truths. Today, she draws from the
abundant nature and magnificent redwoods that surround her home in Cazadero, California.

Jayashri met Dario, Valentina, and Stefano through their mutual friends who share the same passion for life, to
be authentic at all costs, to serve others, and to love life. They commissioned her to create artwork for
Ca’Momi Osteria and invited her to join them on a journey to their homeland Padova, Italy to get a feeling for
their culture and lifestyle.

Upon arriving in Italy, Jayashri was driven straight to the local food market where she saw a humungous live
octopus wiggling on ice. A devout vegetarian of 30 years, Jayashri was at first squeemish when Valentina
asked her to capture the image for the restaurant.

The symbolism of the octopus has great meaning to Valentina, Dario and Stefano, and is prevalent through
out the restaurant, found meticulously laid into the mosaic of the wood fired pizza oven and incorporated into
the menu design as well.

“The water that houses the octopus also denotes flexibility in that it takes the shape of whatever vessel is
containing it. It implores us to exercise such flexibility and adaptability in our own lives.” As a spiritual totem,
this creature wants us to loosen up and relax, sometimes, keeping our eyes on the end goal while moving
along our path in a more natural way.” Valentina expressed. The octopus tentacles are spiral in shape, which
has become Valentina’s symbol representing constant change. This belief is the core foundation of how the
three owners approach the business, in a world of constant motion, one must adapt and flow.

So adapt and flow is what Jayashri did, who snapped a photo of the octopus to inspire the 8’x 4’ oil painting
titled ‘Vita Polpo’, depicting how the Mediterranean life brings the abundant sea life right to the table.

The 8’ x 8’ oil painting titled ‘Ancient Padova ’ is a map of the region where Dario, Valentina and Stefano were
born and raised. Padova is the home of the first open area market place in Italy, Palazzo della Ragione. It was
built at the beginning of the 13th century and originally served as a medieval town hall. Along the open loggia
on both sides are many dealers and around both squares you can experience daily market activity. The huge
market around the Palazzo della Ragione is one of the biggest in northern Italy, and again reflects well the
former glory of the free trading city of Padova. Inside, a number of shops and stores are located on the ground
floor. This Palazzo is similar to what Napa has today, on a smaller scale with the Oxbow Market Place.

Garlic has a historical use of over 7,000 years and has been a long time staple in Italian cuisine. Strolling
through the open air markets brings the delightful and delicious aroma of garlic, one of the true tastes of Italy.
‘Aglio’ is the 8’x 4’ oil painting of a garlic bulb with soil still attached to its roots, reflecting the rich gifts of the

These three paintings were the culmination of art inspired Jayashri’s inside look at Padova and will remain a
permanent installation.

The remaining paintings exhibited in Ca’Momi Osteria are for for sale and a price list is available upon
request. Please contact artist directly if you are interested in a commission piece.


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