It’s with huge sadness and a sense of defeat that we must announce the closure of our beloved Osteria. We gave it our best for as long as we could. We weathered economic downturns, earthquakes, fires, unreal labor shortages and a pandemic… until we had to decide our health, and what’s left of our mental sanity, need to matter too.


We want to express our most heartfelt gratitude to our guests and our community who for the past 11 years supported us and trusted us to take them on a truly unique journey of the wonders of authentic Italian food. Thank you for being open-minded and eventually giving up on the chili flakes and ‘parm’ on pizza 😉 We love you, rebel eaters and drinkers!


And finally we are incredibly proud of our longstanding rockstar team that has allowed us to create an obsessively authentic and passionate experience for our guests, upholding our mission with their own integrity, dedication, and loyalty. Thank you Osteria Ca’ Momians…


With immense gratitude,


 Valentina, Stefano & Dario


 If you purchased a gift card, please know that its value will be honored. Reach out to us at [email protected].


Thank you,